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  Wedding Silverstone Golf Club & Hotel




Our reputation locally is placing us as one of the best Wedding Venues in Northants/Bucks. 

The service that we provide from the time you book thru to departure on your very special day is of a high standard. 
Our Wedding Co-ordinator will help you fulfill your plans from start to finish, She will personally be available
for you to contact for advice throughout the period preceeding your wonderful event.
The relationship that normally develops between our Wedding Co-ordinator and the Bride & Groom
has been complimented upon several times, to us you are not just "Another Wedding".
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We have a range of different wedding packages to suit all tastes and budgets, but we are still happy to design a personal package to suit you. 
or Telephone 01280 851300 for a Wedding Brochure, so you can see in detail the various wedding packages
that we can offer you.
To arrange a Civil Wedding you need to contact us to see if the date is free & then contact Aylesbury Vale Registrars
to book a Civil Wedding with them.       Telephone :01296-382481 or
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