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Taking part in the competitions at Silverstone Golf Club

Before you take part in any competition please make sure that you have placed your name in the competition book in the bar and put your money in an envelope with your name, date and competition on it in the ladies red post box.

It is important to fill in your competition card correctly. Key points are : - Full name, handicap, competition and date. At the end you must make sure that your card is signed by yourself and the scorer. Failure to do this will mean automatic disqualification. 

In order to keep your handicap current you must take part in at least 3 competitions during the past 12 months to give you a competition handicap. If you wish to enter in to the trophy competitions, you must have entered at least 3 ladies medal or stableford competitions the previous season (at least one medal and one stableford).

October, 2014.

Summer Knock out Competitions 2014.

Ladies Summer Eclectic Competition Winner Natalie Toms

Ladies Singles Winner - Natalie Toms, Runner Up - Alison Berry

Ladies Doubles Winners - Nicki Turbayne and Denise Turvey, Runner Up - Paula Batchelor and Lorraine Fox

Mixed Doubles Winners - Tracy Bishop and Dave Makepeace, Runner Up - Denise Green and Matt Sherrell

Thursday 2nd October - Ladies Over 50s Competition

1st - Yve Howard 42pts, 2nd - Birg Wilson 37pts, 3rd = Yvonne Husband 36pts

September, 2014.

Sunday 28th - Ladies 9 Hole Qualifier

1st - Natalie Toms 36pts, 2nd - Nicki Turbayne 35pts, 3rd - Gill Pedder 30pts.

Tuesday 24th - Ladies Weekday Medal

1st - Yve Howard net 74, 2nd Melanie Shaw net 78, 3rd - Denise Green net 79

Saturday 20th - Ladies Weekend Medal - Breakthrough Cancer

1st - Tracy Bishop net 72, 2nd - Yvonne Husband net 74, 3rd - Charmaine Locke net 75

Thursday 18th - Ann Alnutt Trophy

1st - Susan Gray 36pts, 2nd - Pat Finlay 35pts, 3rd - Tina Spink 31pts.

Sunday 14th - Silverstone Trophy

Ladies Results 1st - Nicki Turbayne 34pts, 2nd - Denise Turvey 32pts, 3rd - Gill Pedder 31pts.

Saturday 13th - Ladies Weekend Stableford

1st - Birg Wilson 37pts, 2nd - Nicki Turbayne 35pts, 3rd Gill Pedder 35pts.

Tuesday 9th - Ladies Weekday Stableford

1st - Susan Gray 38pts, 2nd - Melanie Shaw 37pts, 3rd - Barbara Johnson 34pts.

August, 2014

Sunday 24th - 9 Hole Qualifier Stableford

1st - Julie Edwards 36pts, 2nd - Ann Lydon 34pts.

Tuesday 19th August, Ladies Midweek Medal

1st - Pat Finlay gross 75, 2nd - Alison Berry gross 77, 3rd - Donna Nichols gross 80.

Saturday 16th August Pro Day Results

1st  Andy Prideaux, Mark Riley, Brian Cox & Mr X.                       89pts

2nd  Mel Toms, Natalie Toms, Chris Turvey & Denise Turvey.    88pts

3rd Jeff Callow, Steve Gee, Tim R-Holmes & Joss Dicks.                86pts

4th Simon Gregory, Paul Jordan, Steve Pedder & Paul Unthank.   85pts

5th Matt Bishop, Tracy Bishop, Steve Skinner & Alan Roderick.   85pts

6th Nigel James, Steve Tiffin, Ellis Tiffin & Denise Green.             84pts

13th August - Wednesday night members 9 hole roll up. Triple points on the mystery hole (4th this week)

Winner - Evan Gregg 26pt, 2nd - Glen Clarke 25pts, 3rd - Lorraine Fox 25pts.

Tuesday 5th August, Ladies Mid week Stableford

1st - Charmaine Locke 45pts, 2nd - Pat Finlay 37pts, 3rd - Alison Berry 36pts.

Friday 1st August.  Lady Captain’s Day                     

1st  - Tina Spink 24pts , 2nd - Lorraine Fox 23pts , 3rd - Yvonne Howard 22pts.

Nearest the pin -  3rd - Yvonne Howard;  6th - Charmaine Locke; 8th -  Susan Gray

July, 2014.

Tuesday 29th July Silverstone Ladies Open

1st       86points         Nicki Turbayne, Denise Turvey & Gill Pedder   

2nd     86points         Mary Ganley, Elizabeth McGowan & Diana Drew  

3rd      84points         Tracy Bishop, Carol Collins & Karen Shackel 

Nearest the pin  3rd  - Kay Chappell,  6th   -  Nicki Turbayne, 8th   -  Shirley Martin, 16th  -  Nicki Turbayne (Hole in one)

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th July. Silverstone Club Championship         

Gross     Nicki Turbayne                   

Nett      Denise Green

19th and 22nd July. County Charity Competition Qualifying Round       

Silver division          Pat Ward

Bronze division        Julie Edwards

Pat and Julie will now play at Wellingborough G.C. on the 18th September.

Wednesday16th July,  Members 9 Hole Roll up.

Winner - Paula Batchelor, 2nd - Ellis Tiffin, 3rd - Alex Sexton.

Captains Trophy Saturday 12th July.

It was great to see so many teams taking part in the Captains Trophy, 20 4 Ball teams in total with members from all sections involved.

Winners - Les Bone, Trevor Barnes, John Bradley & Adam Smart 90pts, 2nd - C James, P Carter, P Vidler& T Godfrey 89pts, 3rd - K Stenning, R Lomas, J Maycock & A Lamb 87 pts.

10th July - Bunny Cup - Winner - Birg Wilson, 2nd - Hilary Heyworth

9th July Wednesday Night Roll Up Left hand putting. Winner- Steve Fox 17pts, 2nd- Steve Banyai 16pts, 3rd - John Burgess 15pts.

8th July - Ladies Midweek Stableford - Winner - Susan Gray, 2nd - Jill Casburn

June, 2014.

28th June - Ladies Weekend Medal - Winner - Gill Pedder

26th June - Ladies Midweek Medal. Winner - Pat Finlay 72, 2nd - Susan Gray 72, 3rd - Melanie Shaw 75

25th June - Wednesday Night Roll Up. 3 clubs and a putter. "The Batchelor Party" Winner - Ian Batchelor, 2nd - Paula Batchelor, 3rd - Scott Barnes.

21st June - Rosebowl competition

Winner - Charmaine Locke, 2nd - Sheila McCarthy

Furthest drive Silver - Natalie Toms, Bronze - Julie Edwards

Nearest the pin - Silver - Natalie Toms, Bronze - Birg Wilson

15th June - Captains Cup and Plate competition.

Captains Cup Winner - Natalie Toms 72, 2nd - Tracy Bishop 76, 3rd - Alison Berry 78.

Captains Plate - Winner - Birg Wilson 72, 2nd - Denise Green 76, 3rd - Yvonne Husband 80.

11th June - Wednesday evening Members Roll up with a US Open theme....Winner Nick Banyai scored 21pts, followed by the Junior captain Ellis Tiffin and Adam Smart on 20 points. Well done to all the members who turned up and hopefully enjoyed the set up for the evening.

Betterball Pairs - Winner - Birg Wilson & Susan Gray, 2nd - Pat Ward & Charmaine Locke.

Mixed Greensomes - replacement for Bader Cup  Winner - Denise & Chris Turvey, 2nd - Alison & Doug Berry

Coronation Foursomes

Natalie Toms and Gill Pedder won the qualifying round at Silverstone with 33 points. They will now enter to go forward and we wait to see whether they will be successful in gaining a place in one of the Area Finals later this year.

May, 2014.

Ping Qualifier Competition - Winners - Pat Ward and Charmaine Locke. The pair will represent the club at the county stage next.
Wednesday 21st May. Members 9 Hole Roll Up  Winner - Ray Dyson, 2nd - Colin Dexter, 3rd - Dan Clayton-Drabble.

Tuesday 7th May - Mid Week Stableford   Winner - Tina Spink (40pts), 2nd - Birg Wilson (30pts), 3rd - Harriet Deller ( 28pts).

Monday 6th May - Waltzing the Silverstone Way - 

  1. 84 points    Alan Roderick   Pete Green        Julian Baker         Jacky Austin
  2. 80 points    Paul Jordan       Steve Pedder    Eric Husband      Yvonne Husband
  3. 80 points    Sue Peacock      S. Peacock         Rob Bacon           Richard Wall
  4. 80 points    Rodney Ansell  Brian Archer    Matt Bishop        Tracy Bishop

Sunday 5th May - Committee Trophy. Winner - Andy Prideaux, 2nd - Denise Turvey

The Par Pyramid 2013-2014                   Charmaine Locke

The Birdie Tree 2013-2014                      Tracy Bishop

The Winter Eclectic 2013-2014                Tracy Bishop 

April, 2014.

Weekend Medal - Saturday 26th - Winner - Denise Turvey 74, 2nd - Natalie Toms 78, 3rd - Nicky Turbayne 89.

Mid Week Medal - Tuesday 22nd - Winner - Hilary Heyworth 71, 2nd - Helen Marshall 74, Christine Hutton 74.

April 9 Hole Qualifier - Tuesday 15th - Winner - Tina Spink  23pts, 2nd - Alice Smith 21pts, 3rd Alison Berry 16pts.

Weekend Stableford Saturday 12th April - Winners all with 32pts - Charmaine Locke, Denise Green and Paula Batchelor.

Mid Week Stableford Tuesday 8th April  - Winner - Harriet Deller (21pts)

Wednesday Night  Members 9 hole roll up 2nd April - Winner - Steve Fox (19pts), Second - Dan Clayton-Drabble (19pts). Third - Denise Green(18pts)

March, 2014.

Winner of the Winter Ladies Singles Knockout Competition - Pat Ward, Runner up - Natalie Toms.

Winning team of the Winter Knockout Mixed Competition - Steve and Gill Pedder, Runner up - Chris and Denise Turvey.

Daily Mail Foursomes - Gill Pedder and Natalie Toms had a walk over against Whittlebury Park in Round 1

Although we have had several weeks where the conditions were very difficult to play golf at Silverstone, the winter competitions have been completed well ahead of the deadlines, showing that by sticking to the timings for each round, where we could, we can complete these winter competitions. This has continued to show the improvement seen in the summer competitions.

New sheets are on the board to sign up for the Summer knockouts. Please note that those members who sign up are expected to have paid by the deadline of the 3rd May if they want to be included in the draw.

February, 2014.

The Mail on Sunday Competition was played on Saturday 22nd February at Buckingham Golf Club. The Ladies team had a great time at Buckingham, the Buckingham Ladies made us very welcome, but unfortunately we lost 5--0. They were all close games. Afterwards, we were treated to scones and tea which  went down very well with all the Ladies!!
The team was Alison Berry, Natalie Toms, Denise Turvey, Tracy Bishop & Nicki Turbayne. Many thanks to all who played in the team.

December, 2013.

Well done to Gill Pedder and Natalie Toms who won the Daily Mail qualifier competition and will move on to represent the club in the next round.

The Turkey Shoot went well despite the weather. Winners - Jacky Austin,

The Ladies Christmas lunch was a big success with nearly 30 members being involved.   The bar staff had gone out of their way to create a good Christmas atmosphere. A big thank you to them along with our Elves and Charmaine who provided mulled wine and mince pies.

3rd December Stableford - Winner Birg Wilson, Second Charmaine Locke

November 2013

19th November Medal - Winner - Alison Berry, Second - Harriet Dellar

2nd November Stableford - Winner Birg Wilson

October, 2013

5th October, Stableford. Winner - Iris Roderick (34pts)

Winner Ladies Doubles Competition - Nicky Turbayne and Denise Turvey, Second - Susan Gray and Dawn Townsend.

Mid Week Ladies Texas Scramble 10th October - Winning team - Alison Berry, Yvonne Husband and Birg Wilson.

Mid Week Ladies Waltzing with Barbara - Barbara Johnson, Donna Nicholls and Helen Marshall

September, 2013.

Winner of the Summer Eclectic Competition Tracy Bishop, Second Natalie Toms

Winner of the Summer Ladies Singles Knock Out Competition Nicky Turbayne, Second Charmaine Locke.

Winners of the Summer Ladies Doubles Knock out Competition Nicky Turbayne and Denise Turvey,  Second Susan Gray and Dawn Townsend.

Winners of the Summer Mixed Doubles Knock out Competition Natalie Toms and Mel Toms

28th September, Breakthrough Cancer Competition, Winner - Carol Dyson, Second - Susan Gray, Third - Tracey Bishop.

10th September, 9 hole Stableford. Winner - Harriet Dellar(33pts), Second - Pat Durrant(32pts), Third - Birg Wilson(32pt)

7th September, STABLEFORD, Winner- Denise Turvey 38pts, Second - Nicky Turbayne 37pts, Third - Tracy Bishop

3rd September Stableford - Winner - Pat Ward37pts, Second- Birg Wilson 34pts

August, 2013

22nd August, Ladies Friendly vs Cherwell Edge GC at Cherwell Edge GC- the team won 3 - 1. Well done ladies.

4th August, Mixed Competition vs Cherwell Edge GC - the team won by 41/2.

Well done to all members who represented Silverstone at Cherwell.

8th August - Stableford, Winner - Susan Gray, 2nd - Christine Hutton.

July, 2013

Ping Qualifier - Winners - Nicky Turbayne and Denise Turvey who will now represent the club in the next round.

County Charity Medal Competition - 25th/27th July. Winner Silver - Gill Pedder, Winner Bronze - Karen Shackles.

Silverstone Club Championships - 21st/22nd July - Winner Tracy Bishop.

Silverstone Ladies Open Tuesday 23rd July.

Winners - 77 points, Melanie Shaw, Susan Gray and Birg Wilson.

Second - 76 points, Sue Clements-Morey, Iris Roderick and Yvonne Howard.

Third -      75 points, Karen Shackell, Natalie Toms and Sharon Avann.

Nearest the pin

3rd hole - Di Drew,         6th hole - Pat Ward,     8th Hole - Alison Berry,       16th Hole - Tracy Bishop

June, 2013
Ladies Medal - Tuesday 25th June 
1st - Karen Shackell   nett 71, 2nd - Julie Edwards   nett 71, 3rd - Charmaine Locke nett 73
Ann Allnutt Stableford Competition - Thursday 27th June.
1st Pat ward 32 pts, 2nd Donna Nicholls 32 pts, 3rd Alison Berry 31 pts

Rosebowl Competition - Saturday 22nd JuneWinner - Karen Shackell 32 pts (count back) 2nd - Natasha Ainsley-Thomas 32 pts. 

Longest drive: Alison Pedder (silver division)      Delia Teckman (bronze)
Nearest the pin: Natasha Ainsley-Thomas (silver)  Dawn Townsend (bronze)
Midweek Texas Scramble - Thursday 19th June, Winning team Barbara Johnson, Susan Gray, and Hilary Heyworth.

Captains Cup/Plate Competition - Sunday 16th June,

Captains Cup -  Winner - Nicky Turbayne (gross 82, net 72),  Second - Natalie Toms, Third - Susan Gray, 

Captains Plate - Winner - Jacky Austin (net 71), Second - Pat Ward, Third - Dawn Townsend.

9 Hole Qualifier Competition - 13th June - Winner - Jill Casburn Second - Birg Wilson

Ping Qualifier Competition - Winners - Nicky Turbayne and Denise Turvey 33 points, Second - Gill Pedder and Natalie Toms 32 points.

Stableford 9th June. Winner - Susan Gray 34 points, Second - Denise Turvey 29 points.

Stableford 6th June. Winner- Birg Wilson 33 points, Second - Alison Pedder 28 points.

May, 2013

Cecil Leitch Match vs Northampton GC Saturday 25th May. Unfortunately despite the wonderful conditions and the sun shining, we lost this match 2 - 5. Thank you to all the ladies who represented Silverstone.

Ladies Over 50 competition - Thursday 23rd May. Despite the blustery conditions, there were over 20 lady competitors for the competition. Well done to all ladies who competed in the event to make this a success.                                                                                                                                                         !st - Alison Berry  35pts, 2nd - Pat Ward   34pts, 3rd  - Denise Turvey   34pts, 4th  - Donna Nicholls  34pts

Friendly match vs Stowe GC - Friday 17th May - Silverstone GC won 2 1/2 to 1 1/2. Thank you to all the ladies who took part in this anual event.

Congratulations to Julie Edwards and Tracy Bishop for winning their next round of the Daily Mail Foursomes against Bicester Gof Club. Lets keep our fingers crossed that this continues to see them through to the final round.

Coronation Foursomes Qualifier - Saturday 11th May. Winners - Julie Edwards and Tracy Bishop

9 Hole Competition - Tuesday 7th May. 1st - Helen Marshall, 2nd - Alice Smith

Waltzing the Silverstone Way - Monday 6th May. 1st Team - Nicky and Martyn Turbayne, Charmaine and Tony Locke. 2nd Team - Gill and Steve Pedder, Alison and Doug Berry. Special congratulations to Martyn Turbayne scoring four birdies and six pars...what a round!

Winter Competitions

At long last this was completed at the beginning of May!!! Well done and a big thank you to everyone who took part.

Ladies Singles Competition - Winner - Natalie Toms, Runner up - Pat Ward.     Mixed Double Competition - Winners - Dawn and Ian Townsend.

April, 2013

Ladies Medal Competition -  Thursday 25th April.   Winner - Yvonne Husband Nett 80,   Second - Birg Wilson Nett 80                                                       Ladies Morning St Georges Day Competition  -  Tuesday 23rd April.                                                                                                                               Winner - Donna Nicholls, Runner up - Susan Gray.  Best score front 9 - Birg Wilson.  Best score back 9 - Alison Berry

Ladies Stableford  -  Saturday 20th April.                                                                                                                                                                                       Winner - Natalie Toms 36pts. Runner-up - Birg Wilson 31pts.

Ladies morning at Cherwell Edge Golf Club - Another enjoyable but showery morning was spent today at Cherwell edge. Sixteen ladies from Silverstone joined together for a lovely round of golf. The winner with  35 points was Donna Nicholls, followed closely in second place by Pauline Barber with 33points. The next time the ladies visit Cherwell edge will be Thurs 30th April.

The Daily mail Foursomes - Thursday 11th April, Silverstone won at Buckingham Golf Club in round 2 of the Daily Mail Foursomes with a score of 3 and 1.  Well done to Julie Edwards and Tracey Bishop who are representing Silverstone and we wish them well in the third round.

Come and play 9 holes and cake - Saturday 13th April, team stableford winners Alison Berry, Susan Fane and Denise Green 32pts.

Eclectic - The winner of Winter Eclectic is Natalie Toms with a score of 63.13. The competition was well supported by members with high and low handicaps and enabled all to play with a purpose when the weather allowed. 

2012/2013 Birdie Tree, Par Pyramid -  The winner of Birdie Tree is Nicki Turbayne.

2nd April, Stableford  - 1st - Birg Wilson, 36pts       2nd - Shiela McCarthy, 29pts

March 2013.
Pat's Swan song Venue Three Locks golf Club 15th March
22 ladies enjoyed their "away day" very much, even though the weather was VERY wet. Well done and a big thank you to all of the ladies who took part to make this event a success.
In the team event the Vice Captain's Team beat the Captain's Team by 220 points to 218 points
The group winners were
Group 1 Sheila McCarthy, Group 2 Alison Pedder, Group 3 Julie Edwards, Group 4 Tracy Bishop, Group 5 Pat Ward, Group 6 Alison Berry.
January 2013 -
Daily Mail Foursomes - Well done to Julie Edwards and Tracey Bishop for winning the Daily Mail Foursomes Competition against Collingtree 3 and 2. They now go forward to represent Silverstone in the county round of the competition. 
Mail on Sunday Competition -  Silverstone Ladies lost in the second round to Chipping Norton GC 3-2